Availability and Diplomacy< / h3>
The EPP administration service groups together the activities that are arguably the most sensitive in a real estate portfolio. The expectations of a clientele that is rightly demanding of a condominium administrator are high : a high level of availability, a keen sense of diplomacy, know-how and the mastery that only experience can bring.
Real estate Trust is at your service to manage your interests and meet your expectations.
Our services :

    < li>establishment of a multi-storey property (EPP) and resumption of Administration< / li>

  • holding of meetings of the joint-ownership < / li>
    < li>preparation of charge statements and management of invoices< / li>
    < li>Relations with local authorities< / li>
    < li>building maintenance, advice and supervision< / li>
    < li>follow-up of the concierge< / li>

Administration PPE: a mission to hire a professional?

< div class="col-12 col-md-6">Split ownership is a particular form of co-ownership since each owner has an exclusive right to use and develop parts of the building but also to rent or sell his or her unit.
It must have not only a meeting but also a director.
Contrary to what many people think, the person or organization responsible for administering an EPP is not the one making the main decisions.
In fact, in a shared property, the Supreme Body is the Assembly of co-owners since it is it that revises and approves the accounts, takes decisions on the work to be carried out and elects and then controls the administrator. The latter, in the absence of being a decision-making body, is indeed the executive body of a EPP.

he thus plays a very important role within this type of co-ownership and various missions
its obligations :

    < li>implementation of the various decisions taken by the EPP Assembly
  • completion of all necessary or urgent work< / li>
    < li>budgeting for the coming year< / li>
    < li>the distribution of common charges between the joint owners and the drawing up of the various invoices< / li>
    < li>monitoring of compliance with special rights and use of Common parts and facilities
  • < li>resolution of disputes arising between owners< / li>
    < li>managing the financial resources available to the EPP

In other words, the person in charge of administering a PEP is the person who is responsible for the maintenance but also for the administrative and financial management of the condominium. This is why the administrator of a shared property is a key element.

in order for an EPP to work as well as possible, it is essential to choose the right administrator.
In addition, because it will have to win the trust of the owners, the person in charge of administering a PPE will have to be totally transparent in
how to manage the files entrusted to it. Its ability to inform and communicate effectively is therefore paramount.
A true executive body in a shared property, the administrator has an essential role and his choice is therefore not to be taken lightly.
Indeed, by entrusting the administration to a professional who is competent and able to really meet the expectations of the owners, you will be sure that the condominium in which you have invested will be the subject of good management.

< h3 class= "col-12" >Real Estate Trust, our procedure
for a stewardship offer< / h3>


  • after a first appointment, we listen to your request and take note of the address of the building to be managed.
  • a management official will go to the building site to know the location in order to make an accurate offer and photos will be taken to support the file.
  • < li>in order to refine our offer, real estate Trust will ask you for the following documents : the building insurance policy and the administrative rules and Constitution of the EPP.

    we will prepare a proposal for your consideration .

  • a management mandate will be signed, renewable according to the provisions of the latter.