Trust Estate Cleaning offers you professional services for maintaining your property in compliance with the rules of the profession.
Managing a cleanup warrant is an important mission that contributes to the well-being of an entire community.
Trust Immobilier Nettoyage highlights the ethical conduct of its work teams, respecting the application of the CLA in force since 2014 which governs the employment contract of the employees of the profession. We attach great importance to the training of its teams.
We take it to heart to make of this place of life, a clean and pleasant place where tenants and co-owners will be able to live in a safe sanitary setting. Returning to a clean building is a reflection of a society that functions in a balanced way.
Good cleaning requires time and skill, attention to detail is important to us. Trust Real Estate cleaning provides services only under the category maintenance cleaning N4, N3, N2.
< h3>what is housekeeping?

Emptying and wiping of bins, ashtrays and waste receptacles.

    wet dedusting, suction, removal of furniture, chairs, cabinets and shelves.

    < li>wiping walls, complaints, edges, radiators on and under, convectors, ramps, handles, handrails.

    cleaning of the lift cages, mirror, walls, floor and control knobs.

    Washing the windows and checking their function .

    control and supply of automatons and all distributors.


  • Buffing with a floor polisher
  • < li>soil sweeping with a specific sweeper.

    cleaning of Toilet, Toilet, toilet seat, toilet seat, toilet seat, toilet seat, toilet seat, toilet seat, toilet seat, toilet seat, toilet seat, toilet seat, toilet seat, toilet seat.

< h3>Trust Real Estate cleaning, important criteria:< / h3>

    < li>hygiene< / li>

  • we take into account the different types of dirt and adapt the different types of detergents.
  • we meet hygiene standards.

    < li>Security< / li>

  • we follow the directions for use of the products as well as their dosage.

our general cleaning methods:< / h3>

    < li>Dry sweep< / li>
    < li>wet and impregnated sweep< / li>
    < li>Spanish broom wash< / li>
    < li>flat wash< / li>

How do we do that?


    listen carefully to your needs, according to your specifications.

    visit to the place of performance of work.

    definition of the work to be performed based on a careful study of the specific surfaces and locations to be cleaned.

    definition of the number of hours to be worked.

    < li>definition of the type of products to be used.

    < li>definition of the number of visits per week.


    definition of the work to be carried out annually or quarterly in addition to the basic contract.

    < li>definition of price for emergency travel outside the base contract.

    < li>installation of a cleaning supervision by our team leader or submission of a detailed offer.

  • set up an emergency number in case of a problem.